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Waterstons AcademyLITE

Flexible, relevant and enjoyable learning that you can apply day-to-day.

In response to the current pandemic, we’ve turned our internal corporate university – external!

Through Waterstons Academy Lite we’ll be sharing courses on a wide range of topics, from risk management through to building a compelling business case.

Our courses are developed by our people and focus on providing relevant and enjoyable learning that we can apply in our daily roles and beyond. We’ve lightened the courses to enable flexible, bite-size learning; with optional interactive sessions too.

New courses will be added weekly so stay tuned by joining our mailing list.

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Helen McMillan

Risk Management

How to identify where the risks in your business are right now and use them to make your business safer and more resilient in unprecedented times.

Mark Lawson


The innovation course provides a structured yet creative approach to generating a list of innovation ideas that tackle current problems & unlock future opportunities.

Steve Williams

Build a better business case

This short video and simple handout arm you with techniques to help you frame and manage desired outcomes in a way that makes sense to your audience.

Stewart Hogg, Kieran Fowler

De-mystifying Cyber Security

This course equips you with the information required to protect yourself and your organisation, by outlining the current cyber threat landscape, providing a demonstration of a common cyber-attack and highlighting the basic steps you can take to mitigate cyber threats.

Christopher Grosberg

Communication in Microsoft Teams

This short course covers the basics of using Microsoft Teams as a communication platform with a particular focus on interacting with your team.

Susan Bell, Charlie Hales

Business Leadership

This short course shares an insight into the Waterstons’ way of working. It will explore our values of people first, honesty, collaboration, trust, empowerment, quality and innovation and how these have contributed to building a successful business.

Steve Williams, Helen Fawcett

Digital Pedagogy

What will Universities look like in Autumn 2020 and beyond?

Andrew Gill

Time Management

How to get stuff done without sinking under the weight of a million emails. Techniques for managing your time and workload.