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By Adam Lisik

Want to get started with Automation but don’t know where to begin? This course walks you through some of the basics and shows you where to start.

Adam Lisik

Adam Lisik

Software Operations & Support Lead

Why Do We Need Automation?

Automation can offer us great benefits:

  • Risk reduction – any manual process in place carries a degree of risk and challenge – it is very simple to forget steps which need to be carried out or carry out steps incorrectly. Automation removes the risk of mistakes and can introduce steps to verify the data going in to avoid incorrect automations running;
  • Reduction in reliance on human capabilities – often as our processes develop over the years we rely on humans to remember the process flow, all the tips and tricks, all the possible errors and all the wrong paths that have been taken over the years – unfortunately, this will often result in reliance on a small number of individuals to carry out a critical business process. This over reliance on a small number of people creates a critical point of failure in any system or organisation and is something which can be mitigated by automation; and
  • Faster turnaround / increased capacity – automating processes, happening in parallel with little or no additional cost to business as usual activities creating efficiencies in tasks which then free up resources to undertake additional work or focus on innovation and other value adding activities.