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What is a Business' DNA?

By Leanne Cullen

This short course provides insight into how important the DNA of a business is to both your customers and your employees.

Business DNA

Useful Resources

There are multiple gurus out that who are much better at articulating this – below are some resources that I found interesting to watch/read as I pulled my ideas together.

(WARNING: There may be a few ads on the YouTube videos.)

Simon Sinek’s – Start with WHY (approx. 10mins)

Simon Sinek talks about a company’s WHY and the golden circle –‘most companies know WHAT they do, a lot of companies know HOW they do it, not many companies know WHY they do it’

An interesting chat between Simon Sinek and Tony Hsieh talking about Zappos culture and how it aligns to Tony’s personal WHY

Simon Sinek talks about how to build teams and a business based not just based on skills and experience, but based on what you believe, on common values and goals.

Simon Sinek talks about how the golden circle is used by great leaders to inspire action.

An in-depth article intellectually exploring a business’ DNA.

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