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Business Leadership

By Susan Bell, Charlie Hales, James Alderson, Clair Hillier

This short course shares an insight into the Waterstons’ way of working. It will explore our values of people first, honesty, collaboration, trust, empowerment, quality and innovation and how these have contributed to building a successful business.

Company Culture during COVID-19

30 mins

Susan Bell, CEO of our UK office and Charlie Hales, Managing Director of our Australian office discuss the importance and challenges of maintaining positive company culture and values during floods, fires and global pandemics.


The Distributed Workforce

35 mins

Having a distributed workforce and managing your team remotely are now familiar concepts. After weeks of lockdown across the world, everyone has had to adapt and learn faster than before. In this session, James Alderson and Clair Hillier share their thoughts around the challenges of managing a distributed workforce and some of the steps they have taken to mitigate these challenges within their own teams.