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Customer Journey

By Helen McMillan

Learn how to walk in your customers shoes as they engage with your business.

Helen McMillan

Helen McMillan

Executive Business Consultant
Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Engagement

Think about all the opportunities you have to get feedback from your customers. Any time you interact with a customer is a chance to understand how they feel – so ask them. Speak to the people in your organisation who interact with customers first hand – they can tell you how a customer feels. And step into your customers’ shoes. Don’t just imagine how they feel – experience it for yourself. Phone, email, interact on social media, and use all these opportunities to behave like a customer.

Conduct customer research and give them the opportunity to tell you how they feel at each stage. Proactively ask them for feedback on how good their experience is.

Use employee engagement opportunities to gather feedback on how customers behave and why experiences may be falling short of expectations.

Imagining how your customers potentially feel during their journey is worthwhile, but experiencing it for yourself will drive much needed insight and action.