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Customer Journey

By Helen McMillan

Learn how to walk in your customers shoes as they engage with your business.

Helen McMillan

Helen McMillan

Executive Business Consultant
Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Map

Go beyond just writing down customer touchpoints and create a visual journey map. This lets you see their end to end experience and every point where your customer interacts with your business.

A customer journey map should not stand still. According to McKinsey, the number of touchpoints with a customer increases by around 20% a year. This provides ongoing opportunities to enhance the way a customer experiences your business, and capturing these touchpoints in a map helps to highlight any areas where we can improve through transformation or supporting technology.

Is your customer journey the right one?

To answer this question, start mapping out your customer journey to understand the experiences your customers have with your brand. The only way you will know what this is like, is to identify all the touchpoints and define the subsequent journey map.

If you don’t take this step, then you may not just have unsatisfied customers, you may also not identify potential risks to your business and opportunities to drive it forward.