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Customer Journey

By Helen McMillan

Learn how to walk in your customers shoes as they engage with your business.

Helen McMillan

Helen McMillan

Executive Business Consultant
Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping and SEO

As mentioned, the actual Customer Journey begins well before a customer has even spoken to an employee or looked for information or advice. It is really important that the customer journey takes into account the opportunities that are presented across all stages of the experience. This means, looking at how effective your messages are at capturing potential customers, and one way of improving this, is to invest some time in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

  • By looking at your overall brand metrics and SEO health, you will discover simple ways of improving your brand presence online.
  • By further reviewing the SEO of key competitors, particularly those where higher reputation and engagement metrics are evident, you can tap into what they are doing that is driving traffic to their website and not your own.
  • This then allows key themes to be taken from both activities and recommendations to be made, which will deliver a higher engagement value and insight.

Using SEO to understand your customer needs

By looking at engagement metrics online, you can determine if there is a sufficient ‘hook’ to engage visitors to navigate further around your website. Metrics such as a high bounce rate, low time on site, or reduced page views, can be detrimental to engaging new clients to view your information and engage further with you as a brand.