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Customer Journey

By Helen McMillan

Learn how to walk in your customers shoes as they engage with your business.

Helen McMillan

Helen McMillan

Executive Business Consultant
Customer Journey Mapping

Usage - Customer Adoption

It’s really important that we ensure that once a customer has become a customer, we don’t just forget about them. We need to continually understand their behaviours and how they move through each stage of their journey.

This can manifest itself in several ways. For large, corporate organisations, it’s simply not possible to intimately know each customer, however you can understand their behaviours, their buying habits and assess their needs. For smaller or medium sized enterprises, it is more likely that each customer has an account manager in place, who is responsible for ensuring that their needs are both understood and met.

Regardless of the size of the customer base, the customer journey can still be mapped out to understand how customers feel and how they will become ‘adopters’. Use all possible opportunities to get feedback on their experience.

Using your data in an insightful way, helps identify areas where we can improve and shape the customer journey.