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De-mystifying Cyber Security

By Stewart Hogg, Kieran Fowler

This course equips you with the information required to protect yourself and your organisation, by outlining the current cyber threat landscape, providing a demonstration of a common cyber-attack and highlighting the basic steps you can take to mitigate cyber threats.

Stewart Hogg

Stewart Hogg

Head of Cyber Resilience​
Cyber Strategy

5 Critical Elements For Your Cyber Strategy

Though the examples in the video focus on the UK, the same principles apply to non-UK residents. For Australian residents, we recommend looking at

Please find links below to the following resources to aid you when shaping your cyber strategy:

Key 1: Board Mandate

Consider the 5 key questions for your board’s agenda which you can find on the NCSC site here

We’ve also designed a 1 pager handout with these same questions to see how well your organisation performs

Are there any areas you need to focus on as a priority?

Key 2: Establish the Human Firewall

Do you consider staff your strongest asset or weakest link when it comes to security? Why?

What steps could your business take to deliver interactive cyber training to staff to make your organisation more secure?

Review some of the NCSC infographics here to see if they can be useful in your organisation.

Key 3: Develop a Risk Process

What risk management activities current take place in your organisation and do these extend to cyber security?

Consider the NCSC 10 steps to security.

Step 1 is to establish a risk process and consider the following controls. Of the 10 areas in this framework, which areas are strengths and which are weaknesses for your organisation?

Detailed guidance on risk management and cyber security can be found here

Key 4: Pay off Technical Debt

Consider the 5 key areas of cyber essentials which can be found here.

Has your organisation taken all of these essential technical security steps?

Is cyber essentials certification something that your organisation has considered to demonstrate to key stakeholders that your business is cyber secure?

If you would like to consider Cyber Essentials further, please contact

Key 5: Develop a Cyber Resilient Culture

Consider the 5 stages on the cyber resilience journey in the above video. Where would you place your organisation? Where do you want to be?

We believe that establishing regular security forums or similar meetings is a great way to develop a positive security culture and avoid a temporary project based approach. What steps could your organisation take to consider cyber security on an ongoing basis?

If you found this topic interesting, consider reading our article on business resilience which can be found here.


Cyber Security - Have you got the basics right?


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