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By Mark Lawson

The innovation course provides a structured yet creative approach to generating a list of innovation ideas that tackle current problems & unlock future opportunities.

Mark Lawson

Mark Lawson

Senior Business Consultant
Innovation Course



Define what you’re trying to solve

During the Define stage, you accumulate the information you have gathered and created during the Empathise stage. We will now analyse your observations them in order to define the core problem(s) that you want to tackle and solve. ​

  • We are aiming to define the problem as a problem statement (remembering to keep it centred on the person who has the challenge).​
  • For example:
    Instead of the defining the problem as a wish or need such as, "we need to increase our software sales by 5% to B2B customers" a better way to define the problem would be, " B2B customers need easy to use intuitive software to their grow business, engage their staff, and be productive".​
  • Once we have defined the problem, we can begin to progress onto the third stage, coming up with ideas and solutions (Ideation) by rephrasing the problem statement into a "How might we... questions".
  • For example:
    How might we make our software easier for our customers staff to use which will help them be more productive ?

Top tip: Be visual - get to the heart of a problem.

Quickly Shape Potential Problems


Idea / Product / Service


User / Customer Segment

who want to

Jobs to be done


Your own verb (i.e. reducing, avoiding)


Your own verb (i.e. increasing, enabling)

. (unlike

Competing value proposition


How Might We & Spice Girls

How can...

In what way might I...

Gift Giving Scenario: Reframe the problem

3. Capture Findings

Goals & Wishes: What is your partner trying to achieve through gift giving?

* use verbs

Insights: new learnings about your partner’s feelings & motivations. What’s something you see about your partners experience that maybe s/he doesn’t see?

* Make inferences from what you heard

4. Insight

Persons who interviewed name

needs a way to...

What is their most pressing need

Because (or 'but...' or 'surprisingly...')

Insight you have gained

Supporting Documents

Define - Ab Lib Script


How Might We & Spice Girls