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Create a Microsite in SharePoint Online

By Matthew Lamb

This course is a step by step guide on how to create an internal microsite for a specific topic using tools in SharePoint Online.

Matthew Lamb

Matthew Lamb

Executive Software Consultant
SharePoint Microsite

Add Content

Add a page

To create your first page, click the Settings Cog menu at the top-right and select “Add a page”:

Choose a template or start with a blank page when prompted.

Next, give your new page a name and try out the “Save as draft” option on the toolbar. When working on pages, it’s a good idea to save regularly so you don’t lose any work.

When you save the page, you will come out of Edit mode. So, look for the “Edit” button at the top-right which will let you continue editing the page:

Add some Content

You’ll see there’s an area you can start adding text. Go ahead and put some content in, by typing directly or copying and pasting from another document. You will see a floating toolbar appear which lets you format your text. If you click the “…” at the end of the toolbar, more formatting options will appear in a panel on the right:

Organise the page

Page content is organised into sections. You can change the number of columns in a section, as well as setting alternative backgrounds, by using the controls in the page margin on the left of the page:

Try adding some more sections using different layouts and background styles.

To add content into a section, look for the horizontal line with the plus symbol. Click this to see a list of web parts you can add. The most important ones, like Text, are at the top, but there are loads to try out.

Add a title image

If you hover your mouse pointer in the title area of the page, you’ll see a toolbar appears with an image icon, letting you choose an image for the page. There are stock images you can use, or you can search the web, or upload your own image.

And by selecting the pencil icon (“Edit web part”) from that same toolbar you can choose different layouts for the title area and add extra text above the page title:

Publish your page

Once you’ve got all your content added, don’t forget to click Publish on the toolbar. If you don’t publish pages, then your visitors won’t be able to see them.

Your finished page should look something like this:

Not bad for a first effort!