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Create a Microsite in SharePoint Online

By Matthew Lamb

This course is a step by step guide on how to create an internal microsite for a specific topic using tools in SharePoint Online.

Matthew Lamb

Matthew Lamb

Executive Software Consultant
SharePoint Microsite

Final Touches

Where are the pages stored?

As an editor, to see all the pages that have been created, select Site Contents from the Settings Cog menu at the top right, then click Site Pages.

Set up the navigation

You’ll notice there’s a navigation bar across the top of the page, with Home, Documents, Pages, Site contents, etc, listed on it. To add pages to this navigation bar, click the Promote button on the page you want to add, then select “Add page to navigation”.

Then. by clicking “Edit” on the navigation bar you can organising the links below labels (headings), control what order they will appear, and delete any links you don’t want to show:

Embed files and images

When you are editing a page, you can drag and drop a file from your computer to add it as an embedded document onto that page. This works with Office file format, PDF files and images. Give it a try! (It automatically creates a File Viewer or Image web part on the page, as appropriate).


You’ll see there’s a web part you can add called Microsoft Forms. This links to the Microsoft 365 (Office 365) application of the same name, and lets you build a custom form that is embedded on the page. This might be useful for gathering feedback or handling user enquiries. You can review all the responses by going directly to the Forms app from Within the form editor there’s an option to request an email notification for each response.

Set the look and feel

From the Settings Cog menu at the top right, select “Change the look”, and try out the options there. You can customise the colour scheme (theme), upload a custom image to replace the default logo, choose different layouts for the header and navigation bar, and add a message to the footer.

If you don’t see the exact colour scheme you want, there is a way to add extra ones using the specific colours you want to use. But that’s beyond the scope of this course!

The changes you make here apply across all pages within your site.