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Create a Microsite in SharePoint Online

By Matthew Lamb

This course is a step by step guide on how to create an internal microsite for a specific topic using tools in SharePoint Online.

Matthew Lamb

Matthew Lamb

Executive Software Consultant
SharePoint Microsite

Test, Sign-off and Go Live!

Test and Sign-off

Once you’ve got your content created, grant read access to a select group of “preview access” volunteers and ask them to try out the whole site, checking that everything works as it should do. In particular, make sure they click on all the links they can find. Get them to report their feedback to you and your team of editors so you can update it and re-test. It’s important to get fresh pairs of eyes on your site before it is launched to the business!

Go Live!

Well, once you’re ready, you can add “Everyone except external users” to the Site Visitors group (see the “Sharing is caring” section for more details), and your microsite will be live for all to see (all within your organisation, at least). But how people find it is up to you. Think about some of the following ideas:

  • Add a link to the site’s URL from your existing intranet
  • Promote the microsite through your company newsletter
  • Organise ‘show and tell’ sessions where you walk people through the microsite and explain what its purpose is
  • Executive buy-in goes a long way! Make sure the head honchos are on board and singing the praises of your efforts!